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Our Fabrics

Quality basics & effortless style

Our main goal is to deliver high quality Activewear & basics. All made to give you the support you need for exercising in the gym or when enjoying the Pilates class. Comfortability and effortless style is a big matter for us too, because of these days we all enjoy wearing our gym wear much more than just when we're working out. We, and perhaps even you, wear them after work, to the gym, in the gym, in the weekend and so on. So since it's more part of our daily lives, we need to feel confident and comfortable in them all the time.

Our fabrics

Our tops, jackets and bottoms are made by our design team in order to breath, allow for movement but also look good. We there for use the fines cotton fabrics and cotton blends to reach highest quality. As a small independent company, we also strive to be in part of the leading group caring about the environment. Many of our fabrics are there for sourced by oganic producers, all approved by the FairWear Foundation.


Our compression

Our compression wear is made high quality fabrics. Through an ongoing development between our design team manufacturer group, we're continuously manage to improve fabrics, to bring high quality compression and apparel fabrics. According to recent studies, compression wear is proven to improve performance, making you able to reach better results, faster. Compression wear also promotes lactate removal, which makes you go longer and harder and it also improves recovery time and decreases soreness made from exercise. The tight fabric also keeps muscle in place which reduces risk for injury and speeds up warm-up time. 



By having our own factory, we're able to push prices for you without sacrificing quality. As a big business with over 400 team members working with us, we hold a great responsibility, and we as an ethical business we ensure that all our staff's safety and wellbeing is taken care of. We know the concerns regarding the fashion industry, so we take corporate social responsibility very serious. We actively work to ensure our products are made in a way that is as friendly as possible to humans and the enviroment.