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We Are Bayse

Hey there!

We're bayse and we've been making clothes for a very long time. For the last twenty years, we've been behind the scenes manufacturing for other brands - brands you would probably know though we've got to keep that on the down low here!

After years on the sidelines of online retail, we're now setting our sights higher. With the rise in fast fashion we want to take you back to basics with high quality everyday wardrobe items that won't break the bank. 

What's the plan, you ask?

Everyone is talking about cutting the middleman these days but we're cutting out the frontman to come straight to you using this nifty little thing called the interweb. Without the burden of a big retail footprint, we can keep prices low without compromising on quality. 

We know what we're doing. After all, we've spent years working with factories to make sure our customers are getting the best value for money - this time around, our customer happens to be you! We were getting pretty tired of those big retail bullies anyway!

In a snapshot, we're bringing quality and value-for-money back to the everyday items in your wardrobe. Happy days!



Customer service: info@bayse.com.au

Media enquiries: info@bayse.com.au