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Amazing Fitness Camp Holidays

A new kind of getaway for the active one...

It’s been a while now since we had some holidays which can make many of us to crave a little getaway. Some of the more popular destinations 2014 was Thailand, Indonesia, US, UK, Singapore, New Zealand and China. However, the latest and hottest trends for those who live an active lifestyle tend to resort to a new phenomenon: fitness camps. Yes, instead of coming home from a holiday looking tanned but also a few kilos heavier, you will now come home rested and in top shape! There are many choices available out there right now and if you continue reading, we will list the hottest ones below for you.


Rachel Brathen / Yoga Girl

Ever heard of the most famous yoga girl ever? Rachel Brathen took the world with storm when she came out on Instagram on her paddle board. Today he has having over 1.5 million followers, not bad for following your passion? You can spot her on the TV, she is releasing her own books, she appears on magazines. Yes she's everywhere and you can now join her at her wonderful yoga retreats in the Caribbean.

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Ida Warg

The healthy Swedes are continuing to take over the world, they’re big in yoga but now also in weight training. Meet and be guided by Ida Warg on her fitness camps in Thailand.

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Bondi Vixen

Can’t afford to travel to the Thailand? Don’t worry because there's affordable options available at home in Aussie-land. If you live in Sydney then you can join Sydney's finest trainer Bondi Vixen in her boot camps at the beautiful and oh so famous Bondi Beach.

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Base Body Babes

Want to secure your dream body? Let your self be guided by some of Australias best and hottest trainers: Base Body Babes. These girls has a broad spectrum of training methods depending on your goal and shows that girls can lift weight to be strong and fit. Their bootcamps are in Sydney, however if you can't make it then you can catch up with them on their tours of seminars thats going around the country for the moment. If that's not enough they also run online coaching, there's no excuse to not get into shape anymore!

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Sharing Bali

Only a few hours flight away we find the green and wonderful paradise island Bali and the fitness camp named Sharing Bali. The group offers exercises from volcano climbs to yoga sessions or why not a cardio run on real rice fields? This retreat let’s you eduldge in 100% coconuts, post workout swims in the beautiful ocean and it's all lead by a friendly and professional team.

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Sonki Fitness Vacation

Enjoy Maui at this spectacular fitness retreat featuring kayaking, waterfall hikes, snorkeling, paddle boarding and more. Sonki offers 8-day semi inclusive packages starting from $2250/person.


Pack your bags...

Essentials for the travel 

  • Since we want to be able to workout outdoors and suck in all that awesome Vitamin D at the same time, use lots of sun screen+ a good moisturiser to protect yourself.
  • Good shoes are important as well, you don’t want to get sore feet and knees after hot workout days in the sun.
  • Dress light, use tops like Bayse Crop Top Bra, Bayse Lowcut Tank and Bayse Sculpt 3/4 Mesh Tights so you don’t boil over.
  • Who goes without sunglasses? We certenly want to look hot while we protect our eyes dont we? 
  • How about your fashionable watch? Even though it might be your favorite accessory, that one should stay at home in the drawer. A holidays is a time to not worry about just that, time! 
  • Memories for life are not products your invested in, but in times to remember. There for it can be a good idea to invest in a quality camera to eternalise your special days.
  • Bring your favorite shaker or water bottle, in hot days you will have to drink even more than you ussually do.  
  • Finally a basic tote bag for all your gear to bring to the workout or the beach.