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The Magic Of Compression Explained


Everybody is wearing it, even in and outside the gym these days. They come in all sorts of shapes and colours, being very fashionable with mesh or panelling and only your fantasy is the limit. Yes we’re talking about compression wear, but why is compression so good?

 “the fabric triggers increased blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles”

 So what is the deal about them and why is it so good?

It started over 60 years ago with the sick patients to treat Venus disorders, from the doctors it went over to athletes who used compression in order to speed up recovery from intense workouts. By applying pressure on the body, the fabric triggers increased blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles, which also decreases lactic acid. These aids was later picked up by athletes and fitness coaches who seemed to benefit from using compression wear to perform better. Modern research shows that the actions caused by wearing compression creates increased recovery, strength but also helps in speeding up warm-up time.

“you might be more into the benefit of compression designed to keep heat”

There are also other positive sides of compression wear. If you live in Australia, you probably favour the improved air circulation because of the nasty moist and heat that builds up. However, if you come from Sweden or some other colder country you might be more into the benefit of compression designed to keep heat. This enables hundreds of thousands of people to go out and enjoy a run, even in the colder weather situations without having to put on lots of heavy layers.

Fashion fashion fashion

In the last few years fitness and health has exploded and lucky for us fashionistas, there’s lots of fashionable compression tight designs out there. You can find them in colourful prints such as these Kaleidoscope tights, or why not a pair of with mesh design, ¾ cropped tights, 7/8 length tights. You name it, it exists.

Future of compression

For the future I personally believe that our garments will become smarter and more technological. Clothes breaths better, adjusts to it's surroundings and earthly elements and possibilities are endless. Ever heard of Nano technology? If you're not familiar with it, check out this following video to get a better understanding for what the possibilities are form the technology.



It seems that sportswear fashion will integrate more and more with casual wear. Many current designers are getting their inspiration from sports such as Alexander Wang and Yohji Yamamoto (who does collaborations with Adidas and Y-3). If the trends continue it's way the lines will probably fade out, you'll might even be able to workout in the same clothes you went to work in!