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The Z-E-R-O Carb Meal Tip

How about if you could eat as much as you want of noodles without putting on weight?

Noodles aren’t too bad but far from being an optimum carbohydrate source, however our tastebuds might disagree most of the time. Also theres just those days when were not that active and doesn’t really need a big load of carbs to keep our bodies going. Lucky for us and believe it or not, it’s possible to get around this problem! Ever heard of this super thing called Shirataki noodles? They’re magic! By having zero carbohydrates and less calories than 3 raisings (5kcal per 100g), this will leave you will full tummy and empty of guilt! Neither does they include fats, protein sugars or gluten. However lot’s of good fiber called Glucomannan. 

As we can understand, these noodles are not the average ones that we come across every day. The secret is that they are made of a plant called The Konjac plant (Amorphophallus konjac), which has that special Glucomannan as mentioned earlier. When Glucomannan gets combined with water, they can swell up to 17 times it’s original size and voila, we have a perfect substitute to normal noodles to enjoy in your asian dishes! This is perfect to use for everyday meals but especially on diet when volume of food on the plate is reduced.

You can find them in some in everyday grocery stores but more common in asian stores.