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12 things you can do right now to get healthy

Being healthy isn't all about kale binges, 12 week plans and year long gym contracts. Every little bit helps and there are plenty of things that you can do RIGHT NOW to help get you on your way to a healthy lifestyle!

1. Set up a walking date with a friend. Text them now and plan to go for a nice long walk around your neighbourhood while you catch up, instead of meeting for dinner or drinks. 

2. Look up #healthyfoodporn. Get inspired to cook up some healthy magic in the kitchen by researching some recipes. Check out my favourites here

3. Book a session with a Personal Trainer. Working one-on-one with a PT provides accountability (you are less likely to cancel on a commitment you have made with a trainer than going to the gym on your own). Now it's easier than ever as you can even book online.

4. Sign up to join a local sports team.  Team sports are a fun way to get active and provide some healthy competition while you work out. 

5. Buy new workout gear. Get some extra inspiration to workout and a bit of retail therapy at the same time. My go-to online store is Bayse

6. Clear out the pantry. Walk to the kitchen right now and get rid of any food with an ingredient list more than 5 items long. 

7. Plan an active holiday. Put your wanderlust to good use and book a trip where you know you will be moving a lot. Walking, cycling and hiking are perfect ways to explore a new destination. 

8. Do a quick, no equipment necessary workout. There are no excuses, you don't need a thing and it will be over in 5-10 minutes! Check out my super fast workout here

9. Try something new. Find a class or studio you've always been meaning to try, such as pole dancing, hip hop, aerial yoga or rock climbing to give yourself something to look forward to. 

10. Put on some music and have a dance party. Turn up your favourite tunes and boogy around the room until you have worked up a sweat.

11. Play. Grab the kids, a pet or friend and head to the park or playground for a game. Bonus points if it is sunny and you get your dose of Vitamin D too. 

12. Let go of guilt. Studies have shown that those who feel guilty of their unhealthy habits are less likely to lose weight. Own your decisions and don't give yourself a hard time every time you slip up. 


 Bayse Ambassador Ashley Hunt