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The 10 Fitness Commandments


Sometimes it might feel hard to stay in shape, eat well and be healthy. Not to worry, simply follow these 10 fitness commandments to make your life easier.

    1. Thou shall ditch the car
    Why make the workout a project when you can get it done on the way to or from work. Simply go for a run, walk or stop spending money on public transport and perhaps invest in a great bicycle instead. Imagine what a fantastic bicycle you can buy instead of spending hundreds of dollars for public transport tickets, which you get to keep forever too!
    2. Though shall stand strong

    According to new studies, sitting is the new smoking. That makes sense since we’re made to move and stand and not to sit. Research has shown that by standing up we will live longer, get better posture and burn more calories.
    3. Embrace the stairs

    This should be a part of your way of living, not “a health-thing”. Simply take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator whenever you’re on the go.
    4. Thou shall plan meal prep on Sundays

    So you want to eat healthy but you live a busy life? Perhaps have children, husband, dog and work to think of? Then try to spend 1 hour every Sunday and cook up a few big batches of meals for you and the family to eat. A good example is to cook 2-3 different meals and then rotate them during the week. Then split the food up into food containers and put them into the fridge. Simply grab one every day in the week and don’t worry nothing!
    5. Thou shall honor technology
    Make use of our technology in the home! On of the favorites are the amazing rice cookers, simply add the rice and then go and do whatever you need to do instead!
    The oven is an amazing tool too. Quickly wash vegetables, potatoes and prepare meet, then let the oven do the job so you can enjoy other more fun and important things.
    6. Thou shall gear up

    One great motivator is to gear up with new activewear for the workout. Not only will it make the workout more pleasant when you get the support you need, but it is also a great mental boost when you know you’re looking great too! Who doesn’t love shopping?

    7. Thou shall train with a friend

    One way to get regular exercise can be to workout with a friend, why not get a dog? This way you have fun and need to get that body moving a couple of times a day!
    8. Thou shall set small goals
    By setting to big goals, it can sometimes feel impossible to reach them. Start by setting smaller and realistic goals. This is effective because when you have reached first step, you can see progression! Then simply go for another goal up the ladder and keep on pushing! A tip is to get a running app and keep track of your runs, that way you know that you are steadily improving.
    9. Thou shall indulge and get inspired

    With the great up rise of social media there’s plenty of free inspiration for your taking! Instagram is flooding with super inspiring fitness lovers & Pinterest have millions of posts to boost you. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest then test and check out our page at for free access to over 1.7k pins (posts)!
    10. Thou shall drink thy water

    Remember to keep your fluids up. Water is important since it regulates your body temperature, helps you to maintain peak performance, lubricates joints and transports nutrients to your body and muscles. To make it a habit, buy an exciting new bottle and keep it on your desk at all the time. In that way, every time you see it, you'll take a sip!