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Eat yourself in shape!

The easiest way to get in shape

There are many tricks to motivate you to stay in shape. Some people love shopping, perhaps buying some new activewear or compression tights to get that extra spark in the gym. Sometimes it’s simply the great feeling of already being in shape, to be on a roll with eating healthy and working out regularly. However, today will give you the easiest tip to stay you in shape, simply by eating!

Ever heard of Matcha tea before? If not then here’s a hint: really, really strong antioxidants.

Matcha tea is a japaneese super tea, for which is 10 times stronger than green tea in antioxidants! Not trying to sound as a sales person, but with lot’s of experience in dieting and weight lost, this sounds very promising as a great supplement during times you want to shed some excess fat. Antioxidants are also important for the body to get rid of toxins (which appears all the time, but a lot due to exercise), you could also say it’s like your defense against sickness. Antioxidants are excellent in preventing aging, chronic diseases, cancer and more.

Besides from that, according to, some of the benefits are:

Some of the benefits are

-It boost your metabolism which means you burn more calories, all the time.

-It’s packed with antioxidants.

-Relaxed the body and mind.

-Minimizes the risk for desease, high cholesterol and creates better blood sugar levels.

-High levels of vitamin c, zink, calcium, chromium and selenium.

-Gives you more energy.

-Increases concentration.


So next time you want to buy health supplements or wants to burn some excess fat, maybe consider some Matcha-tea instead. If your not a tea-fan, maybe some Matcha-popcorn? Check out this amazing recipe I found at!