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Track your performance and run from zombies - The best running apps right now

This weekend might offer great you weather and what could better than taking the workout to the streets? We've gathered the best running apps so you can stay on top of you game!


(Free, Paid version: $9.99/month)

One of the most popular fitness apps in the apps store. With Runkeeper you can track your runs, jogging and also cycle runs. You can see you speed, length and see your progression. What’s a nice bonus is that you can show it also keeps records of your data online on their website, plus it has the ability to share your stats to your friends on Facebook!



(Free, Paid version for $4.99)

Similar app to Runkeeper that gives you information about your pace, how long you’ve gone and duration. However, whats cool with Endomondo is that it has the function to let you compete with your friends and people around you and socialize a lot more than other apps. How about getting an e-coach to help you with along the way?


Zombies, Run!


Think running can be boring sometimes? Maybe try this awesome apocalyptic zombie games instead! By the use of GPS tracking your speed and location, complete missions and run away from human eating zombies. Season 1 has 23 missions and season 2 has over 60 missions!



(free , pro version $4.99

Track your run, or why not choose from millions of pre-made routes from the running-library? Besides keeping track of your performance and stats, this app also has the great ability to include your nutrition. MapMyRun works well with music too by playing your library so you don’t have to switch in between the apps.