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To fear or not to fear the carb?

Many people fear carbohydrates and blames if for obesity and getting people out of shape. In this blog post I’m quickly and as simply going to answer you weither carbs are bad for you or not.

First of all, carbs are not bad, carbs gives you energy to think, move, excersize and do successfull workouts. Some people claims to feel good on low carb diets, (excluding carbohydrates and includes more healthy fats) while that might work for a few, the majority of people run well on carbohydrates. Most thing sto blame of is usually eating processed foods and exercising too little.

How much carbohydrates you should eat depends on the state of your body and current insulin response, meaning how well you respond to eating carbohydrates. To test this, simply eat a bowl of cereal. Afterwards, are you startig to feel energized and cant wait to go and work out? Or do you feel just the same, maybe like your in a daze and feel like taking a nap? Well, if you don’t respond in a possitive way, cutting down on the carbs might be the thing for you. Don’t worry though, by cutting down, exercising and eating healthy and reduce fat mass increases your insulin response and often most people will be back to normal again, which means you can eat more carbohydrates.

Ok, so you can eat some carbohydrates then? The question then is how much and the timing of ingesting them is the importance to take note of.

Let’s say you come to work, you sit down most of the day in front of a computer and takes small walks around the office and out for lunch. During that time you have barely burned off any carbohydrates and calories, which also means that there is a very small need to eat a lot.

Then by late afternoon it’s workout time, this is the time you want to maximize energy for the upcoming training session, maybe include some medium slow releasing energy from fruit, such as apple, banana, pear. Then again after to help recovery.

Most of you know of course that brown rice, qinoa, potato and sweet potato are the best choices. Whole wheat pasta and oats can be eaten once in a while, but try to stay away from processed foods. Fuits are also a great choice, they give lots of energy, vitamins and fiber for healthy gut.

Now, hopefully you have a little bit better understanding of carbohydrates and if it’s something for you or not. 


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