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TIPS FOR ACTIVE WOMEN TO CARE FOR THEIR HAIR Working up a sweat on a regular basis not only improves your health and tones your body, but also some habits that go along with being active aren't the most hair-friendly. The constant washing and drying is counter productive to looking it's best and if you have long hair like me, you're most likely to make hair mistakes that can lead to damaged hair in the long run. So while you look after your body with your workout, here are few tips to keep your hair in great shape too. #1 YOU’RE SHAMPOOING AFTER EVERY WORKOUT As gross as it sounds, washing and shampooing your hair too much is a big no-no....

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Yes you read it right, we used sweet potato and brownie in the same headline. These brownies are actually made on sweet potatoes and quinoa flour, which makes them gluten free and much more nutritious than your ordinary brownies. Pretty cool, right? If you follow a lot of food blogs this combination might not come as a total surprise to you, there are a couple of different sweet potato brownie recipes out there and you might come across a couple of desserts based on sweet potatoes. But you still have to admit that it is pretty mind blowing that you can use one of the most nutritious food ingredient in one of the least nutritious cakes. And how is the...

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Amazing Fitness Camp Holidays

A new kind of getaway for the active one... It’s been a while now since we had some holidays which can make many of us to crave a little getaway. Some of the more popular destinations 2014 was Thailand, Indonesia, US, UK, Singapore, New Zealand and China. However, the latest and hottest trends for those who live an active lifestyle tend to resort to a new phenomenon: fitness camps. Yes, instead of coming home from a holiday looking tanned but also a few kilos heavier, you will now come home rested and in top shape! There are many choices available out there right now and if you continue reading, we will list the hottest ones below for you.   Rachel Brathen / Yoga...

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The Magic Of Compression Explained

  Everybody is wearing it, even in and outside the gym these days. They come in all sorts of shapes and colours, being very fashionable with mesh or panelling and only your fantasy is the limit. Yes we’re talking about compression wear, but why is compression so good?  “the fabric triggers increased blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles”  So what is the deal about them and why is it so good? It started over 60 years ago with the sick patients to treat Venus disorders, from the doctors it went over to athletes who used compression in order to speed up recovery from intense workouts. By applying pressure on the body, the fabric triggers increased blood flow and...

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1. CARBOHYDRATES AREN'T THE ENEMY Do we need to reduce carbohydrates (carbs) under most circumstances in the fat loss phase? Yes. Do we need to cut them out completely? No. Cutting out a complete macronutrient (fat, carbs, protein) from your diet does not help to achieve your goals. In fact, every macronutrient is an essential part of a healthy diet. Carbs in particular give your cells, tissues and organs energy. It keeps everything going. You see, banning them from your plate will leave you tired, with no energy. When it comes to carbs my biggest advice is to choose quality over quantity. Not all carbs are created equal, the quality is important. For example a piece of white bread does...

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